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Societies in Eastern Europe



Our research and teaching covers societal and political changes in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in current member states of the European Union with histories of communist rule. We analyse these developments from the perspective of comparative political sociology. We put our comparative focus especially on sociopolitical diversity within Central and Eastern Europe, as well as similarities to developments in other regions.

Our main areas of interest cover interactions between political and societal change, agency of political elites, anti-establishment politics and social movements, as well as the challenges of radical right politics and democratic backsliding.

We focus primarily on qualitative methods (particularly rule-guided qualitative content and discourse analysis) However, we also cover case study analyses, as well as quantative and mixed methods research.

Autor: Sakuto, CC BY-NC 2.0 (Source)

Professor Dr. Alexander Libman will transfer to the Free University of Berlin as of October 1, 2020, to the Chair of Political Science with a focus on Eastern Europe and Russia.

You will find all current news on the German website.